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Cover of The 30th Meridian
September 2012

The 30th Meridian: From Cairo to St. Petersburg with Love

Klezwoods—Boston’s Euro-Balkan, jazz-infused klezmer rockers—will release The 30th Meridian: From Cairo To St. Petersburg with Love, a sonic voyage traveling through the bustling markets of North Africa, the doner kebab stands in Turkey, and the crisp mornings of St. Petersburg, Russia. Join the mailing list for the latest announcements and come back here to buy the album!

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Cover of Oy Yeah! album
August 2010

Oy Yeah! (August 2010)

A musical tour of the old Ottoman Empire–the Mediterranean and the Balkans–through the lens of a nine-piece klezmer/jazz band! Has natural audiences in the klezmer audience, the jazz-meets-ethnic audience, and among rockers whose taste is expanding. From a mixed bag of influences comes a beautifully executed, relaxed, entertaining, and joyful album. Radio programmers will find uses for the catchy, evocative, and varied moods.

Label: Accurate Records


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